2014-15 Cutthroat Football Final Standings
Written by Ray   
Monday, 02 February 2015
Well, the 2014-15 season of Cutthroat Football Pools has come to a close. I hope everyone enjoyed the pools this year!! All pool participants who either owe donations or will be receiving prizes should have already received an email from me detailing what you won/owe. Once all donations are collected (should be within the next couple weeks or so), I will make all prize payouts to the winners. I hope that all money is collected and all prize payouts paid by the end of February. If anyone has any questions please email me at .

Season Pool:
It was another great season that came down to the Super Bowl, but in the end and thanks to Seattle throwing a late interception, Brian Flannery takes home the Season Pool, while Jeff Baker takes home the Regular Season crown. Also, we had a three way tie for fifth place, so those players will split the remaining prize pool:

Regular Season Winner: Jeff Baker ($100.00)

First Place:  Brian Flannery ($717.50)
Second Place:  Erin Terrazzino ($430.50)
Third Place:  Hoss Cartwright ($143.50)
Fourth Place:  Ray Malseed ($71.75)
Fifth Place:  Jeff Baker ($23.92)
Fifth Place: Johnny Quaile ($23.92) 
Fifth Place: Taha Taufiq ($23.92)

Survivor Pool:
Well, after 11 weeks of battling it out, Jeff Wedig outlasted the other survivors and therefore takes home the $410 prize money.

Second Survivor Pool:
This one took 10 weeks with Joel Riley beating the competition and taking home the $170.

Fantasy Football Pool:
It was another season of Cutthroat Fantasy and it was another fun year. In the end, Taha Taufiq took home the championship and the $225 first place prize when he beat Mike Kirkpatrick, who takes home the second place prize of $75.

Playoff Pool:
Aaron Butkus takes the top spot in the Playoff Pool. And by having a better tiebreaker, Eugene Loziner takes home the second place spot:

First Place:  Aaron Butkus ($148.50)
Second Place:  Eugene Loziner ($49.50)

Super Bowl Block Pool:
The Super Bowl was one of the greatest games in recent memory. The winners are as follows:
  • Jeff Bailitz (x3)
  • Delaney Blancett (x2)
  • Mike Kirkpatrick (x2)
  • Kevin Fitzpatrick (x2)
  • Aaron Butkus
  • Jeff Baker
  • Brendan Satmary
  • Steve Bailitz
  • DeAnna Houston
  • Joel Riley
  • Chris Fleming
Each win will take home that player $30 per block correct.

Again, I hope everyone had a good time and I will see most of you in about a month for my favorite of the Cutthroat pools: Cutthroat March Madness!!!
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Super Bowl XLIX - Weekly Picksheet now available!
Written by Ray   
Wednesday, 21 January 2015
The Weekly Picksheet is now available for players to select their Super Bowl XLIX picks.

Super Bowl XLIX
That's right, it has all come down to this one game. The Seattle Seahawks vs. New England Patriots is the game, 6:30pm EST Sunday February 1st is the time! Make sure you get your picks in on time.

Season Pool
We got quite a race for the win here at the end. Brian Flannery is still on top, but there are 3 players that can overtake Brian in the last game. However, the payouts go out to five places and there are many more players battling for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place payouts. Good Luck!!

Playoff Pool
This is the game to settle it all. I have a feeling we will see some go for a massive blowout to try and make up some points. Top two places pay out, Good Luck!!

Super Bowl Block Pool
Still some remaining spots in the the Super Bowl Block Pool, but I do expect this to sellout before the game, so gets your blocks quickly!! Check back before the game on Sunday for the teams and number assignments for the game!!

Couple things to note:
  1. All prizes and winners, for all pools, will be announced by Tuesday, February 3rd. I will post them here on the website.
  2. All donations are due IMMEDIATELY. I would like to be making the cash prize payouts within three-four weeks of the Super Bowl being completed, so if you haven't paid yet, please do so ASAP.
  3. I will be assigning the teams and numbers for the Super Bowl Block Pool next weekend and it will be available by early Super Bowl Sunday afternoon, so keep an eye open for them. You will also receive an email when they have been posted.
Good Luck to Everyone!!
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 21 January 2015 )
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