Wednesday, 28 September 2016
Ray's Picks
Written by Ray   
Sunday, 25 September 2016
As I am traveling for vacation this Sunday and next Sunday, here are my picks for this week's games for the avoidance of any doubt when I go perfect :P The website will be updated later today after I arrive on vacation and have my first drink or two :) Enjoy the games!!

Ray's Picks: New England, Arizona, Minnesota, Cincinnati, Detroit, Baltimore, Miami, Washington, Oakland, Seatlle, Tampa Bay, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Dallas and New Orleans.

Ray's Survivor Pick: Miami Dolphins

Last Updated ( Sunday, 25 September 2016 )
Week Three - Weekly Picksheet now available!
Written by Ray   
Wednesday, 21 September 2016
Season Pool
We have a winner this week as Joel Riley takes home the week and the weekly prize of $10 with his impressive 11-5 record. Overall, the pool was just under .500 again. As for the early season standings, Joel Riley is holding an early one game lead, but everyone is pretty stacked together. With a winner this week, week three will be worth the normal $10.

Survivor Pool
We lost 7 people this week, with most being due to either Detroit or Oakland. This leaves us with 32 remaining survivors going into Week 3.

Fantasy Pool
Week Two Results:

    Aim High (Amy Kelley 2-0) def. Trampling Fools (Ray Malseed 0-2) 118-64.8
        Top Scorers: I. Crowell 22.3 (Aim High), P. Rivers 23.3 (Fools)

    Who Needs RBs Any Way (Mike Kirkpatrick 2-0) def. Tigers BYOG (Scott Quaile 1-1) 120-98.9
        Top Scorers: C. Palmer 25.3 (RBs), Broncos D/ST 23 (BYOG)

    Team Braine (Chadd Braine 1-1) def. Trying Not to Suck (Nicole Dukelaw 0-2) 84.2-69.9
        Top Scorers: G. Olsen 19.7 (Braine), C. Anderson 15.3 (Suck)

    The Lambeau Leapers (Martin Pitcher 2-0) def. Snowballs For Santa (Kevin Fitzpatrick 0-2) 80.5-65.2
        Top Scorers: J. Tucker 15 (Leapers), Eagles D/ST 12 (Santa)

    Team Mini Ditkas (Casey Blancett 1-1) def. Southside Micks (John O'Brien 1-1) 97.7-61.1
        Top Scorers: C. Newton 30.8 (Ditkas), C. Santos 15 (Micks)

    Toronto Ties Don't Count (Chris Fleming 2-0) def. Washington Beef Supreme (Taha Taufiq 0-2) 128.1-79.1
        Top Scorers: M. Forte 28.9 (Ties), B. Bortles 17.6 (Taufiq)

The Weekly Picksheet is now available for players to select their Week Three picks.
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 21 September 2016 )
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