Thursday Pick
Written by Ray   
Thursday, 20 October 2016
As usual for the pool, I will not be making any updates for the Thursday games. All website updates will be done on Sunday. To avoid any issues or people questioning when I have a perfect week (never has happened to me), here is my pick for Thursday's game:

Ray's Pick: Chicago Bears

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Week Seven - Weekly Picksheet now available!
Written by Ray   
Wednesday, 19 October 2016
Season Pool
We have a tie this week atop the leaderboard as Al Tenuto and Jed Clark both had 11-3-1 records. Overall, the pool hovered right below .500 for the week, which kept the pool as a whole just under .500 for the season. As for the season standings, Al Tenuto, on the strength of his week, has opened up a 3 game lead over his closest competition, but it's a long road. With no winner this week, week seven will be worth $30.

Survivor Pool
We lost half the pool this week (nine survivors) with most due to the Steelers. This leaves us with just 9 remaining survivors.

Second Survivor Pool
How many games give you a second chance? Cutthroat Survivor happens to be one of those games as long as there is interest in another survivor pool. All the same rules apply, so read the rules under the regular survivor pool on the right hand menu if you are not familiar. Now I need to know if there is enough interest in a Second Chance Survivor Pool, so I have added a poll to the right on this front page. Please vote over the next week and if there is enough wanting, we will kick off the Second Survivor Pool in Week Eight.

Fantasy Pool
Week Six Results:

    The Lambeau Leapers (Martin Pitcher 5-1) def. Trampling Fools (Ray Malseed 2-4) 124.5-91.5
        Top Scorers: D. Brees 35.1 (Leapers), R. Gronkowski 22.2 (Fools)

    Team Mini Ditkas (Casey Blancett 3-3) def. Tigers BYOG (Scott Quaile 3-3) 107.4-99.1
        Top Scorers: O. Beckham Jr. 35.2 (Ditkas), L. Miller 29.8 (BYOG)

    Snowballs For Santa (Kevin Fitzpatrick 4-2) def. Aim High (Amy Kelley 2-4) 62.4-56.2
        Top Scorers: L. Bell 12.8 (Santa), L. Blount 13 (Aim High)
    Go Nicole (Mike Kirkpatrick 5-1) def. Detroit Lions (John O'Brien 1-5) 119-68.2
        Top Scorers: J. Stewart 20.5 (Nicole), A. Luck 21.9 (Lions)

    Team Braine (Chadd Braine 4-2) def. Washington Beef Supreme (Taha Taufiq 1-5) 105.6-92.4
        Top Scorers: D. Johnson 33.3 (Braine), B. Cooks 25 (Beef)

    Toronto Ties Don't Count (Chris Fleming 5-1) def. Trying Not to Suck (Nicole Dukelaw 1-5) 76.8-50.1
        Top Scorers: M. Mariota 27.3 (Ties), A. Vinatieri 12 (Suck)

The Weekly Picksheet is now available for players to select their Week Seven picks.
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 19 October 2016 )
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