Thursday Pick
Written by Ray   
Thursday, 08 October 2015
In order to save some time for me, the website throughout the season will not be updated for any members picks or results for any Thursday games until kickoff the following Sunday. To avoid any issues or people questioning when I have a perfect week (never has happened to me), here is my pick for tonight's game:

Ray's Thursday Pick: Houston Texans

Good Luck!!
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Week Five - Weekly Picksheet now available!
Written by Ray   
Wednesday, 07 October 2015
Season Pool
We have a tie at the top this week as Bob Swallow, DeAnna Houston and Erin Terrazzino all had 11-4 records, which means no one gets the weekly prize this week. Overall, the pool had another week above .500, so it appears we are at least starting to know what we are doing. As for the "after a quarter of the season has been played" season standings, Brian Flannery and Chris Fleming have a two game lead over a few players. With no winner this week, week five will be worth $30.

Second Survivor Pool
Second Survivor is KICKING OFF this week!! Now, I didn't do sign-ups so I have no idea who wants in and therefore there is no picksheet for the Second Survivor Pool for this week. In order to get in the Second Survivor Pool. you must make a Survivor Pick on the regular picksheet and in the comments section please state "Second Survivor Pick". Next week, once the players are known, the Second Survivor Pool will have it's on picksheet

Fantasy Pool
Week Five Results:

    Trampling Fools (Ray Malseed 4-0) def. Team Braine (Chadd Braine 1-3) 96.3-85.3
        Top Scorers: E. Manning 19.3 (Fools), L. Bell 21 (Braine)

    Nothing But Fumbles (Mike Kirkpatrick 2-2) def. Mile High Hitters (Nicole Dukelaw 1-3) 91.2-62
        Top Scorers: J. Hill 24 (Fumbles), C. Ivory 22.6 (Hitters)
    Grave Digger (Scott Quaile 2-2) def. Aim High (Amy Kelley 2-2) 89.1-46
        Top Scorers: D. Hopkins 15.7 (Grave), M. Ryan 13.1 (Aim High)

    The Lion King (Izu Akamiro 4-0) def. Washington Beef Supreme (Taha Taufiq 0-4) 101.9-59.2
        Top Scorers: A. Peterson 15.9 (Lion), M.Wallace 14.3 (Beef)

    Toronto Ties Don't Count (Chris Fleming 4-0) def. Southside Micks (John O'Brien 1-3) 97.8-51.8
        Top Scorers: V. Jackson 20.7 (Ties), J. Maclin 14.8 (Micks)

    Snowballs For Santa (Kevin Fitzpatrick 2-2) def. Team Mini Ditkas (Casey Blancett 1-3) 72.9-65
        Top Scorers: D. Freeman 32.9 (Santa), M. Forte 13.5 (Ditkas)

The Weekly Picksheet is now available for players to select their Week Five picks.
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